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The internet is ever-changing which means the trends will sway, and people will move on from one business to another.

Social media trends play an important role for businesses in the online world. If just one person clicks a link and then shares that’s about three hundred more people that view the site. This ability to share remains a key component to businesses everywhere. However, the internet is ever-changing which means the trends will sway, and people will move on from one business to another. It’s important to analyze the role ethics have in keeping customers willing to come back to a business when even more businesses are being shared that can compete.

People are better than content

Consumers can make or break a business, even if the content on a site is riddled with beautiful golden ways of words, all it would take is just one unhappy consumer to break your business. It’s like walking into a restaurant with a distaste for its style, and walking out with a list of complaints that may or may not be true. Word of mouth even online can act as a knife to a business. The new angle for businesses now is to aim for higher post shares and looks with quick or catchy phrases to obtain attention.

Prosumers create the ethics

All around the web, prosumers roam like little ants. They are both the producers of products and the consumers of products playing the field better than a baseball player can hit a home run. Prosumers write reviews, post comments, and share content all on the web. If a business lacks interest to a prosumer then it is less likely the business will make money. You could give so many items for free as a catch but if the site is not being shared around the web it might as well be a cobweb. A successful business is dependent on these reviewers, shares, and commenters to keep their web visitors alive.

social media trends

What ethics are great to keep

Every business should take on researching why it’s competitors are successful. This can act as both a great approach in understanding your enemy and effective in seeing what motivates your customers. Rather than just bashing a competitor into submission. It’s much easier to look around what different businesses come up with for an approach to lure customers in. Ethics are not just simply being able to play nice with a competitor online. These ethics can help bring in customers if the employees are treated well, and if the business makes a goal to care about their own employees. Customers should always come first even if they are completely wrong. No business wants that bad feed on social media.

People will come and go like waves

Even online businesses can feel the flutter effect of people coming and going as that is the default design of the web. What keeps some people to remain using your website or application may be the same reason other’s leave. The only way to effectively understand if internet ethics are being utilized is if more people are remaining than going. You want to make sure that those that share the site only have positive words to say, and that your comments back to customers are respectful to both their culture or as a human being. Just because your business may be partially online is no reason to let unethical words pass around the web.

1. Make sure you have a clear policy page

No matter what type of business you are, there should always be a policy page. This is like having an incident report on the job. No one can misinterpret your policy, and take advantage of your business. Always ensure there is a return policy that clearly states it’s lengths, and who to call if an item is damaged. This allows the customer to feel that if they get a damaged item shipped by accident you are willing to approach the situation like a professional.

What I mean here is that if a non-customer sees an item they like, but can’t link the item to someone else due to a member lock pages then you are losing profitability. Member-only sharing can do more harm to your business than good.

3. Keep contact information and important new on the front page

If a business is having a huge sale; even the first page of the business will display the sale. It’s a good tactic to keep customers interested. However, if they don’t have any contact information in case they’re curious about the business or have questions they will more than likely disappear.

4. Always be polite

A number one rule is even when dealing with an irrational customer always be polite. A polite person has more tendency to get a customer to calm down than if the employee was to be rude. Regardless, this rule is probably the most important in terms of value.

In the end, ethics are the means to a good business deal. If a business is internet savvy, and can still remain ethical then it is one step closer to being successful.

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