What does it take to be an excellent Webmaster nowadays?

In this day and age, just about anyone can own and run a website. It’s just a matter of choosing a domain name, finding a host, setting up the design and look, posting content and maintaining it. The question is, do you have what it takes to run it well and be considered an excellent webmaster?

For those who own websites just to serve some personal purpose, perhaps they need not worry much about becoming a good webmaster. After all, their websites are there just for their own pleasure, and they tend not to care too much about whether they’re running the site well or not. For people who put up websites for business, however, there are certain qualities that they need to possess in order to succeed in their online goals and become great webmasters.

What Makes A Great Webmaster

Some people might think that running a website is easy, but it’s really not. It already takes a certain amount of knowledge and skill just to put it up and maintain it. Making it successful, business-wise, requires even more. In the world of online business, it’s safe to say that successful webmasters are excellent webmasters because their success means they’re doing something right with their sites.

In general, excellent webmasters tend to possess the following qualities:

  • A firm grasp of business management basics. While there is a world of difference between running a brick and mortar shop and an online business, the same principles that make any entrepreneurial endeavor succeed apply. That means an excellent webmaster knows his or her products. He or she also knows how to offer great customer service, among other things.
  • Solid knowledge of the technical aspects of being a webmaster. To be fair, there are countless webmasters who know jack about HTML, CSS, SEO and all the technical stuff that come with running a website. Those who do know about them, however, are at a great advantage because they can do just about anything from tweaking the design and look of their websites to attracting traffic, and therefore potential income, to them.
  • A talent for putting up great original content. In the context of search engine optimization vis-à-vis business success, this may not, on the surface, be applicable because there are thousands of websites out there that have crappy content yet are financially successful thanks to certain SEO tricks. The continuing Google Panda updates, however, will eventually make this an absolute necessity to become a great webmaster.
  • An awareness of the competition. This is one of the most important qualities for any entrepreneur worth his or her salt. A good webmaster should know who the competition is, and must have a complete understanding of that competition’s offerings and tactics so he or she can devise his or her own methods for countering them.
  • A good rapport with the audience. Listening to what people who visit your site have to say will always be important. That way, you will get feedback that will be quite useful for improving your online business.

As stated earlier, running a website well is not easy, but you can at least try.

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