What is The Point of Using Twitter for Your Business?

If you’re an entrepreneur and you still have to ask yourself the question posed in the title above, perhaps you need to rethink the way you’re promoting your business. In a world where more than half a billion people have active accounts on Twitter, the social networking and microblogging service is proving to be quite the powerful marketing tool. Just about everyone is doing it, from that elderly gentleman who runs the neighborhood convenience store to corporate giants such as Microsoft and Dell. Everyone, that is, except for you.

If you still fail to see how important Twitter can be for your small business, then you are completely out of touch with the reality of today’s social media-driven world. While you may argue that you already have a website for marketing your products and services, you need to understand that having your own website may no longer be enough these days, not when social media has become all-pervasive in people’s lives. For all those years you’ve spent using every marketing trick in the book except for Twitter, you may have missed out on a number of things that could have helped you grow your small business including, but not limited to:

1. Posting information about your products and/or services

This is the most obvious use a business can have for Twitter. It is an extremely fast way of getting the word out about your offerings to a great number of people. Through Twitter, you can let current and potential customers know about:

  • New products
  • Exciting promos or deals
  • Upcoming events involving your company that may interest them.

2. The chance to build your brand
Remember that on Twitter, everyone can build a brand, as long as they are capable of presenting and projecting an image that will attract potential customers.

3. Interacting with your customers

Twitter is more than just a platform for bombarding customers with what you need them to know about the products and/or services that you are selling. It also happens to be an excellent way of communicating with them. By getting in touch with the very people who actually patronize what you have to offer, you will basically have access to what they think. You will know what their favorite products or services are. When you exchange tweets with your customers, you are also bound to learn how they feel about your brand. On top of this, your customers could also offer up some suggestions that you may be able to use to improve your business. These are bits of information that can go a long way in helping your business succeed.

4. Getting to use a great marketing tool for free

The best thing about Twitter is the fact that it’s free. Well, it’s not really free in the strictest sense of the word since building your business up via Twitter takes some time, and you know what they say about time and money being the same thing. Still, you get to use it without having to pay for anything. For that alone, you should be using Twitter for your business.

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