SEM Campaign 101 – Know More About “Click-Through Rates” and Ad Writing

One of the first things you would need to know when launching a PPC campaign is the concept of click-through rate and how to write effective ads.

What is click-through rate?

According to Google AdWords, click-through rate is a ratio that shows you how many people see your ad and then click on it. It is calculated by dividing the number of clicks you receive for an ad with the total number of impressions. Impressions are counted each and every time your ad is shown.

A high CTR is an indicator that your ads are relevant to the search term that the searcher used.

Why is CTR important?

CTR is very important because it holds sway over your Quality Score, which in turn is important in helping you spend less money on your PPC campaigns.

CTR is also a very good criterion when it is time to evaluate which of your ads need to be improved or scrapped altogether.

Having said these, it is important to always aim for relevance in your keywords and ads to have a high click-through rate that actually converts searchers into customers.

How do you write a good ad copy?

Writing ad copies for Google AdWords and other PPC platforms can be very difficult. You are basically limited by the number of characters. In Google AdWords, you only have four lines to work with: the Headline, two lines for your description and the display URL. You would also have to contend with character limit for each line: 25 characters for the headline, 35 each for the display lines and the display URL.

So it really is not much to work with and you would have to be very creative.

Some tips to writing ad copies that work:

  • Include your keywords. Remember that you are aiming for relevance, so put in at least one of your keywords in your ad copy. This will help show the searcher that your ad is connected to what he is looking for and is more likely to click on your ad.
  • Be sure to tell people why they should choose you over other advertisers. Do you have high quality merchandise at very low prices? A great variety of products? Do you offer free shipping? Put this on your ad.
  • Benefits, too! While you are at it, you might as well tell your customers what advantage or benefit they would get from buying your product. Identify a problem that your product can solve and tell your customers about it. For example, instead of saying “We have the best mobile apps!” try “Kill boredom now!”
  • Include numbers. Numbers are not only a good way to save on the limited characters, but these also help attract attention to your ad.
  • Include a specific and clear call to action. Aside from knowing what they could get from clicking your ad, people should also know what you want them to do. You do not just write about your product’s benefits and end it there, you should tell them how to get these benefits, by buying, by visiting your site, by signing up for your newsletter and others.

Whatever your business is, you can always benefit from having a high click-through rate. Having many people see your ad and then clicking on it will ultimately manifest in greater profit or sales for your company.

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