Why our script won’t slow your site down or affect SEO!

We are aware that search engines especially Google, takes page speed into account when ranking your website, therefore, we do get a lot of concerns from our customers or potential customers about the ability of our script slowing down their websites to a point were it will hinder progress with SEO or decrease existing rankings.

Here are a few reasons why our script won’t affect your rankings.

  1. Asynchronous loading –  our script is loaded asynchronously, meaning the page and other elements don’t have to wait for it to load before they do, therefore, the search engine crawler/robots will see content immediately and ignore other scripts so does your users.
  2. Optimized Script – Our script is super optimized; Initialing its very tiny, less than 1500 lines of code and before its deployed into production its compressed and packed down to about 500%+ its original size including your customizations.
  3. CDN: Content Delivery Network – We make use of Amazon’s network by spreading our load and files into their vast distribution network, therefore, the content gets to your browser real fast from the nearest amazon distribution node.

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