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Join, share and get paid. Grow your business as an Affiliate.

Unique Link

Anyone can join the affiliate program and use their unique link to refer people to us and start earning quickly.

Program Manager

Your affiliate program manager will be with you every step of the way. Helping you with everything that you'll need to succeed.

Amazing Program

Your followers will enjoy our unprecedented platform and you will get the best payment terms in the industry.


What is the FoxMetrics affiliate program?

Our affiliate program is a simple program that pays you for every customer, follower, and, friend that you refer. For every customer you share by using your affiliate link, we pay you a commission of what that customer pays us.
easy commission

How does it work?

Lets say your new referral that became a customer pays us $300 dollars a month, you will get paid $60 - every month, for as long as that customer continues to be an active paying FoxMetrics customer. If you do 10 this month, you will get paid $600 - no limits.

Become part of our success. Endless opportunities.


How do I get started?


Sign Up - Start by joining the program by clicking the join program button above or below or contact us.


Unique Link - Ensure your locate or request your unique link from the UI or from your affiliate manager.


Share Link - Share your unique link and use it with your followers, blog posts, videos, content, social media, etc...


That's It! Earn 20-30% commission for every FoxMetrics customer that uses that link - forever.

Become part of our success. Endless opportunities.

About Us

FoxMetrics is more than just dashboards. It’s a secure business intelligence tool for your web, mobile, and 1st party data. Quickly get a complete picture of your customer’s journey, grow your business, and, maintain 100% data ownership.