12 Quick Tweaks to Boost Your Conversion Rates

Does a 1-2% increase in conversions sound like it’s not worth the effort?

After doing the math, the numbers might surprise you.

Take Wishpond’s example:

“Let’s say you’re an online retailer with 15,000 monthly site-visits. Your customers are spending, on average, $35 each time they buy. If your online site saw a conversion rate increase of 1% over that month, you’d see a $5,250 increase in revenue.

It’s definitely worth taking the time to boost your conversions for those kind of results.

Don’t worry – you don’t need to redesign your website from scratch or rewrite all your landing pages to see a difference.

The tiny changes we’ve listed below may seem trivial, but you’d be surprised how much of a different they make.

Instantly Boost Conversions With These Tiny Changes

1. Increase Your Font Size

It might seem like a non-sequitur at first glance, but an in-depth case study by ClickLaboratory found that improving the readability of your website can:

  • improve your bounce rate by 10%,
  • lower your site exit rate by 19%,
  • increase pages per visit by 24%, and
  • boost conversions by 133%

To get these impressive results, all they did was increase the font size from 10pt to 13pt, and slightly increase the line spacing – that’s easy enough to do in 5 minutes or less.

2. Change Your Form Fields

Generally speaking, more form fields means more barriers to entry: the less information you ask for, the more responses you’ll get.

In most cases, removing non-essential fields from your opt-in forms will increase your conversions.

3. Change Your Form Layout

Croatian tourist services company Arenaturist found that changing their booking form from a horizontal layout to a vertical layout resulted in a 52% higher conversion rate, while other sites found that using a narrative or Mad Libs style form boosted their conversions by 25-40%.

To boost your conversions, try designing two different versions of your opt-in forms for A/B testing.

4. Remove Your Sidebar

There are countless case studies out there of blogs and websites that found removing sidebars dramatically boosts conversion rates, including Crazy Egg, VideoFruit, Impact Branding & Design, and others.

Are your sidebars providing any real value, or are you just using them to comply with convention? Try removing them completely and see how it affects your conversions.

5. Change Your Opt-In Button Color

Although it seems like such an incredibly minor change, simply changing the color of your submit or opt-in button can have a huge effect on your conversion rates.

The results aren’t always easy to guess. According to Hubspot, despite their predictions for a minor boost, a red button outperformed a green button by 21%.

6. Change Your Button Text

One important factor to test is the actual text on your opt-in buttons. Does it say “Subscribe”? Why not try “Sign up” or even just “Go!”

If you’re an e-commerce site, try replacing your “Buy Now” buttons with “Add to Cart,” or vice versa, to see which one performs the best with your audience.

7. Convert Features to Benefits

Take a good look at your website copy. Every time you see a feature listed, ask yourself “so what?” Add the answer to your copy, and see how it affects your conversions.

8. Try a Different Headline

Test new headlines on your pages. Try new words and phrases, adding numbers, shortening your headline if you have a long one – or doubling the length of a short headline.

9. Add a Seal of Approval

Is your business rated highly by the BBB? Do you have an SSL certificate, or maybe you’ve earned an important certification in your field? Try displaying it prominently in your footer, shopping cart page, next to your opt-in form, or even in your header.

10. Change Your CTA

Make sure your call to action (CTA) is clear: it’s difficult to optimize conversions if your visitors don’t know what you want them to do.

Then, test variations: Instead of asking people to sign up for your newsletter, ask them to contact you. Instead of asking them to contact you, ask them to follow you on social media. Make sure each CTA is consistent with your overall strategy and goals.

11. Add Visuals

Use visuals to direct attention to where you want it (such as an opt-in form), or to shorten your line lengths, as Derek Halpern advises at Social Triggers. Consider adding photos, graphics, icons, or other imagery.

12. Remove Visuals

It could be that your website’s images are having the opposite effect than you want. Instead of increasing engagement and directing your visitors’ attention, they could be overwhelming your audience and increasing your bounce rate.

If your site is busy with icons, images, buttons, and graphics, try removing them. Only direct attention to where you want it (such as an opt-in form). Get rid of distracting images, and see how it affects your conversions.

Start A/B Testing These Changes Today

It only take a few minutes to make these changes, but there’s no point if you’re not testing the results.

Not sure how to test these tweaks and track your conversion rates?

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