5 Best Productivity Apps for Marketers

Every marketer shares similar goals, but we all face different challenges.

But one challenge all marketers face despite our differences is a shortage of time.

In fact, pretty much all of our challenges (like tracking analytics and proving ROI, keeping up with the latest marketing trends and strategies, and creating enough content to meet your marketing goals) are caused or exacerbated by a lack of time.

With everything that’s on your plate, you need the most effective tools to be able to juggle all your priorities and be ultra-productive and effective in your job.

Here are five of our favorite productivity apps for marketers – is your favorite on the list?


You’ve just discovered an incredibly detailed article on boosting conversion rates – just the info you need for your current project.

The only problem is, you’ve got a meeting in just 5 minutes.

No worries – just add it to your Pocket.

Pocket makes it easy to stay up-to-date on the latest marketing new, trends, and strategies. You can add content via your browser, email, or from over 1500 other apps including Twitter, Flipboard, Pulse and Zite. You can also share your saved Pocket articles directly to Twitter (no need to use the Twitter app or even go back to the original article).

Best of all, Pocket saves all your content for reading offline, so you can still catch up on your reading no matter where you are.


You might have your contact’s email addresses saved, but what about their website, Twitter account, or Facebook page? Do you ever find yourself scrambling to look up a contact’s job title, or remember what time zone they’re in?

If so, you need FullContact, an app that lets you keep every bit of information about all your contacts in one place. Available as an iPhone/iPad or Gmail app, FullContact automatically syncs and updates all of your contact’s information, photos, and profiles so you always have a complete view of the info you need. There’s also a Card Reader you can use to scan business cards directly into your contacts. Cal

If your phone’s default built-in calendar can’t keep up with your schedule, give Cal a try.

With an intuitive and well-designed interface, Cal makes it easy to keep organized. It integrates with your contacts and social media accounts to keep track of all your events, birthdays, to do list, and more. Cal also integrates tightly with, a to-do list app with advanced features for sharing and delegating, file management, reminders, notes, recurring tasks, and more.

If you find yourself getting overwhelmed by all your marketing projects and tasks, give Cal a try.


Even with the best of intentions, we all get distracted from time to time. If you’re prone to procrastination, you could really use an app like StayFocusd for Chrome.

When you install StayFocusd, you add a list of the websites that are your personal time-sucking kryptonite. Then you let the app know exactly how long you’re allowed to spend distracted by those sites. After the time is up, the site is blocked.

If you’re not using Chrome, try the similar alternatives WasteNoTime for Safari or LeechBlock for Firefox.

Which Apps Save You the Most Time?

Did we include your favorite productivity app in our list? Which app has made you the most productive? Share in the comments below!

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