Daily Archives: January 13, 2012

Converting Your Web Traffic into Sales in Five Steps

In most cases, E-commerce websites fight with low conversion rates, high ignorance, and a lot of unfinished “Add to Cart” attempts. One frequently forgotten thing is that on the other side of the website statistics reports there’s another human being … Read More

Improving Visitor Experience and Getting More Intelligence through the use of Website Search

You get all kinds of website visitors, considering their tastes, manners, etc. So, your site basically encounters tens to thousands unique species visiting it every single day and it needs to understand and serve them correspondingly. One habit of purchasing … Read More

Learn to Measure Your Website Properly

If you want to get the most benefit out of web metrics or analytics, you should learn several of the most frequently used terms and their meanings. Comprehending these web analytics terms will ensure that you understand what information you lack … Read More

Small Business Offline Sales and Conversions – Measure Them Right!

Sometimes, small businesses start to significantly decelerate, when they need to improve their online marketing. It is partly happening because of the lack of awareness about the technical means involved in it and also because of the fear that they … Read More