Converting Your Web Traffic into Sales in Five Steps

In most cases, E-commerce websites fight with low conversion rates, high ignorance, and a lot of unfinished “Add to Cart” attempts. One frequently forgotten thing is that on the other side of the website statistics reports there’s another human being trying to get what they need. This website visitor that intends to buy has their own fears, doubts, and indecision that are widely referred to as buyer anxiety. Most of the online stores suffer from it. If you manage to perceive this anxiety properly and turn it into confidence, you will make a lot of bucks instead of lost sales. Let’s take a look at how certain simple steps can help your Ecommerce website convert more sales from your current website traffic.

Provide Your Identity among Your Site’s Professional Feel and Look

There are two opposite factors that affect the situation. As soon as your visitor lands the website, your website speaks through its design. High-res images, professionally looking logo, clear fonts, and strong web copy are critical in removing the fears usual in website visitors. With the blooming search engine era and having most competitors one click away, it’s sensible to expect a lot of hesitation from your visitors before they decide anything.

Web anonymity has led to the development of many various businesses and most of them look absolutely faded. With the increasing awareness, a lot of online users try to not get too close to Ecommerce stores that don’t have a real name of a person standing at the steering wheel. In lots of cases, they would like to make sure that your web store is supported by a physical office or a real-life shop. You can use your “About Us” page to shed light on the people that stand behind the Ecommerce website of yours. You can include pictures of your office, images of your employees, and latest news, as all of these will tell your site visitors that they are interacting with real people.

Navigation Should Be Intuitive

The way your visitors travel through your website influences greatly on their final destination on it. If the things are managed properly, it can be the “Thank you for dealing with us!” page. An appropriate combination of embedded and global links will help you to let visitors choose their own path through your site. In case your links are properly labeled, you can direct their steps and the way they want to go. Ensure that you test usability and take proper care of deceptive hyperlinks.


You have to provide guarantees throughout your website, especially near the buttons, like “Download Now” or “Add to Cart.” As soon as your visitor sees the approval of your website’s safety due to a BB accreditation seal, anti-malware service, or anything that confirms your website’s credibility, you are whitewashed of distrust. Make sure that you appropriately manifest your money-back guarantees, item availability, and the shipment details. Web buyers always wonder if their order would be timely implemented and if they will get what they want. In case you assure them appropriately, you get much more chances that they will complete a transaction.

Repeat Your Guarantees

Although you may think that this could be a perfect match for the point above, believe it’s an absolutely different point. While you’ve made visitors comfortable, while interacting, order completion is a separate step. The client could have 5 browser tabs opened, comparing many websites simultaneously, or they could be working from their office, being busy with some work. You have to ensure that you reiterate all the guarantees one more time on your checkout page.

Tell about What Is Next

If you provide your visitors with an opportunity to send you an inquiry through a contact form, they will know what your next step is. Are you going to call that user or send an e-mail message? What can they do, if they don’t get your response in an indicated time in 24 hours, for instance? Ensure them through all possible means that you are aware of their needs and would fulfill them in the shortest time possible. And don’t forget to smile!

To keep it short, you should think like a web user and divide the purchase process into separate steps. Ponder over all the steps in the process, things that can interest your visitors and build your website pages correspondingly.

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