Taming the Web Analytics Cerberus

Taming the Web Analytics Cerberus Head by Head

Most people today consider web analytics as a sort of bipolar disorder, a continuous fight for finding the balance between two similar entities: IT and marketing.

However, if we take a deeper look, we’ll notice that there’s more to it, than just a bipolar disorder. FoxMetrics is going to help you out in taming this three-headed Cerberus in this article.

Head #1. Business: Keep Business in Your Mind

Doing analytics, if it is not going to bring practical insights is not too valuable. In this case, it would be something similar to doing a report. Analytics should always begin with an accurate comprehension of the business objectives and strategies that are thought of as demands, preferentially defined as Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T.) online goals. In a properly experienced organization, these requirements would come right from the business shareholders. However, most often the truth is you require a business analyst to communicate and connect business considerations to something an analyst could cope with.

Head #2. Technology: Comprehend the Method

For the majority of marketing people, this is just the “I” and “T” letters joined together, frequently referred to with a slightly deigning tone. You should have someone understanding the abilities and restrictions of the technologies involved in the process. Whether it’s CSS, HTML, JavaScript or comprehending how social media differ from one another, how to measure Facebook apps, comprehending the differences between Android, iPad, and iPhone mobile devices, and so on.

You require people, who have the website’s ins and outs, its technological properties, how it interacts with visitors and how the information placement and page naming systematic will affect data collection and SEO. You require people, who are skilled in equipping the website with the needed tools and measuring how the data is stored and could be benefited from. As you can see, this is an essential factor that can quickly become very complicated. In the end, the main goal is to supply the tools, the means, and the data to Cerberus’s third head.

Head #3. Analysis: Add a Little of That Detective Nature

This is where we confront statistics, where it’s time to turn on the analytical centers of your brain to determine trends, patterns, and comprehend interconnections. An investigative head, problem-solving strategies, and capabilities to summarize information to their most efficient communicative forms are critical. The result is clear and simple: to supply practical interpretation and recommendations to our Cerberus’s Business head.

It’s Time to Tame Our “Cerby”

No one can assert to be completely skilled in all three parts, so the significance of a multisided team is as clear as day. Every analyst is strong at one part, in best case – two, but the third is always the weakest spot. However, all three parts are important for successful provision of the highest benefit. Also, don’t forget about services, like FoxMetrics that will always come handy in handling your web analytics issues and turning that scary three-headed Cerberus into faithful, good boy Cerby.

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