Amazon SES: Is for everyone!

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Amazon’s Simple Email Service is not for small businesses.

I completely disagree with that statement that Amazon SES is not for small business. If you care more about all the fluffy stuff that goes with campaign emails then yes, otherwise, its perfect.

Our product FoxMetrics – a real time web analytics tool has a very vital feature, custom alerts! We send a lot of emails out when one or more of those alerts get triggered per website, We are currently using another vendor that charges 3x (still cheap) as much for the same amount of emails sent as Amazon would charge, I’ve already signed up for Amazon SES and I’ll be implementing it this weekend in our test environment to see if it truly stands up to its name and I have no doubt that it will.

Since we are already using most of their products – its a no brainer. They’ve proven to be nothing but the best, most small businesses like us just want to send emails without the hassle, campaign monitor, constant contact, etc. come into play when you want more hand holding, templates,tracking, reports and more but if you are just sending emails – its perfect for small businesses and the cost is unbeatable.

Our email templates are design and host locally and are very simple, most of our emails are straight forward POT, plain old text. It’s also a viable product for someone to build a viable business with – say a business to compete with constant contact or campaign monitor or whatever you may have – either way, it will be a blast because you simply just develop the UI and business rules and you are off on your way. Let someone else handle the email load. I won’t be surprised if some of these existing companies start using Amazon SES to send emails.

All I’m trying to say is, Amazon has proven to launch products that are for the masses(small, medium or large) and scale to infinity. You can use Amazon Web Services regardless of your business size.

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