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We offer transparent pricing for individuals, teams, or businesses of every stage, shape, and size.

The best pricing plans ever

Our prices are very easy to understand with no hidden fees.

Web Analytics

Easily collect and analyze your web user behavior.

Offline Data

Import, merge and analyze data from any other channel.

Marketing Analytics

Monitor and attribute revenue to channels.


Create and share unlimited dashboards.




1M Events/month



10M Events/per month


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Custom plans, Any Size
Our approach

24/7 Support

We are not the usual suspect. Regardless of your plan our team will work with you to throughout implementation and beyond to ensure you see a complete return in your investment with us.

All plans include


Use dashboards to organize and analyze your KPIs based on your business model.


Monitor and validate inbound data from all your data source to ensure data integrity.


We are more than happy to help you implement our tracking script and setup custom events.

Custom Data Models

Every business is different and with custom models you can mold your data to fit your business nomenclature.

Video Tutorials

We have hundreds of videos available to everyone. These videos walk you through every aspect of our tool.

Live Support

Need Help? We are here, always. Our premier support team is ready and very capable.

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About Us

FoxMetrics is more than just dashboards. It’s a secure business intelligence tool for your web, mobile, and 1st party data. Quickly get a complete picture of your customer’s journey, grow your business, and, maintain 100% data ownership.