Building Your House File Through Newsletter Sign Ups

September 27, 2017 in eCommerce

Building Your House File Through Newsletter Sign Ups

In case you didn’t know, a house file is a list containing all of a company’s customers. House files often include items like email addresses and mailing addresses that give the company’s avenues to further communicate with and reach customers and prospects.

Having a great house file at your disposal is key. A unique and often overlooked way to build a terrific house file is through collecting data from newsletter sign-ups that are available on your site. (If your website offers newsletters, be sure to include a signup area on your page!).

Nearly all newsletter sign-ups require visitors to enter their email addresses, and the email addresses collected often become the bulk of a good house file.

If you want to collect more information about your customers to store in your house file – perhaps something like postal addresses – you should implement such fields in your newsletter signup form. These types of forms are easy to create, easy for visitors to understand, easy for visitors to complete, and are very a good way to build a great file of information related to your customers.


In addition to providing a simple and effective means of creating a great house file, newsletter sign-ups are also easy to implement. Furthermore, if your newsletter signup form is a popup that appears on your site’s page, you can use a “trigger” plug to segment your traffic so only those visitors whom you want to see the popup will see the popup. For instance, perhaps you don’t want visitors who have already visited your site once in a day to see the newsletter popup the second time they visit the site.

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