Customer analytics for restaurants.

Why Your Restaurant Should Have an Online Menu (Customer Analytics for Restaurants)

Up until about a decade ago, if you wanted to know what was available at a local restaurant, you had to get a paper menu, call ahead, or actually go to the restaurant. However, the modern era’s dependency on the … Read More

Restaurant data forecasting.

How to Use Data and Analytics for Better Restaurant Forecasting (5 Best Strategies)

Restaurant data forecasting is key to not just maintaining your restaurant, but making it profitable, as well. The restaurant industry is one of the hardest to succeed in, and you need to learn how to use the data generated by … Read More

What are restaurant analytics - explained.

Restaurant Analytics Explained (Everything You Need to Know)

As you plot out a business plan before opening a new restaurant, or even if you’re just searching for ways to increase the profitability of your existing restaurant, you’ll probably come across one thing quite a bit: Restaurant analytics. That … Read More

Restaurant data analytics.

Restaurant Data Analytics: Driving the Restaurant Industry Toward Profitable Growth

In the restaurant industry, it can be incredibly difficult to make a profit. In fact, 1/3 of all new restaurants fail almost immediately, and the vast majority of restaurants barely scrape by with enough profit to stay open. This is … Read More

Here is why restaurant industry revenue is essential.

3 Ways to Increase Revenue with Restaurant Industry Analytics

The restaurant industry has the potential to be extremely fruitful, but you have to overcome a plethora of obstacles associated with the small profit margin, customer relations, and supply management. Luckily, there’s a way to optimize all those things to … Read More

Find out more about restaurant predictive analytics.

How to Grow Your Restaurant with Predictive Restaurant Analytics

Just like any other business, growth is a major goal for every restaurant operator. However, it’s easy to fall into a cycle of habits that prevent that growth from occurring or even cause your restaurant to slowly shut down. To … Read More

Learn about data mining in the restaurant industry.

Restaurant Data Mining: A Necessary Tool for Success

Operating a restaurant is one of the riskiest business ventures you can take on. The profit margin is extremely small, and any seemingly inconsequential decisions can create a domino effect that works its way throughout the entire business. However, it’s … Read More

You should know about the importance of restaurant data.

Why Is Knowing Restaurant Data So Important

Running a restaurant is one of the most fulfilling business ventures you can take on. You’re surrounded by hardworking people, great food, and usually, satisfied customers. However, it’s also one of the hardest business ventures to handle, because achieving all … Read More

Security and Privacy Updates

Today, we are pleased to roll out a new policy that includes legal updates and easier to read. To that end, we want to give you an overview of our updated privacy policy. It’s more user-friendly and addresses new data regulations (including GDPR). You can take a look at the revised privacy policy here. … Read More

Multi-channel Attribution

Before we get into multi-channel attributions, let’s first define the analytics term attribution modeling. For companies that have online sales, it can be challenging to determine what marketing channel deserves the credit for a conversion (sale). For instance, let’s say … Read More