5 Martech Stacks of Lead Generation Tools For Your Business

Every successful brand has all of these lead generation strategies in play. The common denominator being the landing page.

The first step in selling products and services is actually getting customers to see what you are doing. This can either be by bringing them to where you sell or taking it to them. In either case, visibility is the subject of consideration.

The act of lead generation stems from the need to get potential customers to see what you are doing, or selling as the case may be.

In today’s digital world, the market has gone virtual and people can actually make orders for the product or service they need from the comfort of their PCs or smartphones. It begins to suggest that online presence is integral if you want to sell your product or service.

That said, lead generation is a critical first step to an effective sales campaign. We have to our disposal many ways to generate leads nowadays.

Lead Generations You Should Know

Let’s take a few lines and highlight some of them in order of their ROIs:

  • Email Marketing: This is one way to narrow down your marketing campaign and messages to a specific group of customers, usually on your email list. This approach has been seen as the most effective of all approaches as it is the closest you get to a customer.
  • Content Marketing: People love stuff that can help improve their standard of living, help their businesses, boost their finances, and all of that. Making rich and quality content available to satisfy their personal desires is one way to generate leads.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Millions of people search for things online every second. Google alone in 2018 recorded an average of 5.3 billion searches a day, which is about 61,000 searches every second. This makes search engines a great avenue for leads generation.
  • Social Media Marketing: The rise in social media popularity has made it a somewhat great channel for brands to market their products and services, gain desired visibility, and rightly generate leads.
  • Paid Content and Online Advertising: This was kept for last. Though it produces results, of course not to be compared to the others mentioned above, it does not quite attract customers that much. This is largely because customers tend to feel that they are being manipulated to consume the contents because it flashes before them first.

Every successful brand has all of these lead generation strategies in play. The common denominator being the landing page.

It can be rigorous trying to follow up on these leads generation approaches manually. Hence, there are smart Marketing Tech (Martech) stacks that can help you generate leads from these campaigns while you just relax and utilize what they bring your way. Here are 5 of these Martech stacks and how they can help you generate leads for your business.

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1. Google AdWords – Top Martech

Yes! Google AdWords!

When it comes to dragging quality traffic to your website, which is the goal of generating leads, Google AdWords is still a top of the stack marketing tech tool. It is one of, if not the fastest tools for driving traffic. One spectacular thing about it is that it targets people with specific interests in what you are selling and brings them to your landing page as leads.

Most marketers still trust the ability of Google AdWords to deliver when it comes to lead generation, regardless of how strict Google has become. It is not news that Google turns down ads that do not meet its standards or violates its policies. In 2015, Google turned down about 780 million ads due to policy violations.

It then means that you need to make sure your landing page has relevant and original content. Google updates their websites monitoring algorithms to ensure that people do not use their tool for fraudulent activities.

Take these legalities and bottlenecks out of the way, Google AdWords is still one of the best tools out there for lead generation.

2. Active Campaign

Active Campaign is one of the most in-demand email marketing tools you can ever see on the internet. It does not only handle the segmentation processes of your email marketing campaign, it mostly works on automation principles.

It is important to note that the success of your marketing campaign largely depends on the effectiveness of your email marketing which is pivotal in lead generation.

Active Campaign is programmed to send direct notifications to your sales team as soon as lead land on your website to prompt them to connect through email.

3. OptinMonster

OptinMonster creates pop-ups that gather contact information from website visitors who have an interest in what you are selling. It is a very intuitive and user-friendly tool to use in obtaining lots of contacts and leads.

Where and when the pop-ups appear is totally up to you to decide. The most application is using the exit button as a trigger. When the visitor is about to leave your website, a box will pop up requesting the visitor’s details, mostly name, and email address.

It has proven to be highly productive and yields great results when it comes to leads generation.

4. Hubspot

This is a complete Martech tool that most marketers believe can stand as a full stack all by itself.

It has a Marketing Software that does the work of generating new leads, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that manages leads, and a Sales software that automates the sales process. It is the complete package and rightly comes at a huge cost.

If you can afford it, then waste no time in having this piece of tech incorporated into your marketing program.

5. Lead Forensics

This package takes care of the bottleneck involved in getting visitors to your site to fill the contact form. It’s possible to have tons of visitors to your website and only a hand full of leads will be generated.

Lead Forensics is one of the best lead generation tools you can find in the market. The tool takes advantage of the user’s IP address to scout for people using your website and traps basic marketing information, even if they don’t fill-up the form.

Again, lead generation is the first step to a successful marketing campaign. Hopefully, these Martech stacks will help you generate great leads for your business.

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