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Data Sharing Showdown: How GDPR Will Impact Businesses

The relevance of data cannot be overstated. How and what the data is actually used for is a growing concern for customers, who provide this data. More so, the security and protection of these supplied data from intrusion by unsolicited parties is also an issue to lead to the GDPR. … Read More

How to Convert Leads to Paying Customers with these 5 Martech Stacks

You can spend a huge amount of money to generate leads through either email marketing, content marketing, events or online campaigns, if these leads are not converted to paying customers, then it would be an effort in futility. … Read More

Google is coming down hard on websites with intrusive mobile pop-ups!

Google is always striving hard to offer the best web experience to users across all devices. Towards that end, they are rolling out two algorithm changes to mobile searches in early January 2017. That’s no wonder, as the Big G … Read More

Why is form completion crucial to business?

In the first part of this series, we discussed the site speed metrics in length. In this second part, we’ll gain some valuable insights into the “Form Completion” aspect of the metrics. We’ll find out why the form completion metrics … Read More