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How You Can Retain More Customers And Improve Their Loyalty

The added benefit of retaining loyalty with customers is that they can refer other customers to you for free. This can save on your marketing budget and make sure that you can access a wave of new customers that have an improved sense of loyalty from the beginning as well. … Read More

customer lifetime value

What is Customer Lifetime Value and Why It Matters

Customer satisfaction and great customer service are some of the ways to gain loyal customers. … Read More


10 Ways An Organization Can Become Customer-Centric

Becoming customer-centric requires a strategy and a significant amount of time and effort. To do so you have to ensure your customers have a positive experience at every step of their journey. … Read More

5 Ways to Re-engage and Retain your Customers Using CRM

It’s easier and cheaper to retain an existing customer than it is to get a new one. … Read More