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Customer Journey Analytics

FoxMetrics is an enterprise-scale fully managed data platform that empowers businesses to collect, enrich, transform, visualize, and explore customer journey data from anywhere.

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Currently v9.2.0


We Are More Than You Think

FoxMetrics collects your product, marketing, and sales data from any source and creates the ultimate data pipeline for analysis and consistent customer experience.

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Customer Data Platform

FoxMetrics will unify and create a persistent and accessible customer data profile for exceptional personalized experiences.

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Event Data Warehouse

Your dedicated warehouse consolidates your data silos into a single and flexible data platform for all teams and workloads.

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Professional Services

We offer professional services to all our customers, small or large to help them attain their ultimate goals.

Let us provide you with your ultimate data pipeline.

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That's not all - More Features

One powerful product that will change your customer experience and loyalty using your customer journey data and empowering every team within your organization with clean data.

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Custom Data Models

Reporting & Analytics

Identity Resolution