conversion rate

Why Tracking Conversion Rate Is Important

The conversion rate metric points to the success of your site. It goes without saying that a higher conversion rate leads to higher revenue or sales. … Read More

website speed

10 Ways To Improve Website Speed and Conversion

Think that speeding up your website isn’t essential? That would be a big mistake. A one-second delay in page speed could cost you a lot. Here’s all you should know about website speed and the steps to increase your site’s speed. … Read More

choice paralysis

Combating Consumer Choice Paralysis to Improve Conversion

Offering too many options can “paralyze” your eCommerce customers. Reduce the number of products you offer, especially when the obvious customer favorite to increase conversion. Here are 6 points to help you reduce choice paralysis and get your customers buying from you. … Read More

ecommerce conversion

7 Proven Strategies To Increase eCommerce Conversion Rates

Conversion rate optimization involves improving your eCommerce site navigation, funnel, checkout, and others to optimize for conversions. Your conversion can do better. Learn how to systematically improve eCommerce conversion rates. … Read More

Doug Got A Web Analytics Tool For His Ecommerce Business, And Then This Happened.

Doug Allen Got A Web Analytics Tool For His eCommerce Business

There has been so much talk about web analytics and its enormous benefits to businesses. But very little has been done to show those benefits. So when Doug called to give feedback about his experience, we knew we had to … Read More