By Amit Kursija Nov 06, 2010 0

What is Foxmetrics?

In short – its a real time web analytics tool. After researching we decided to launch a web analytics tool because we have experience in implementing and using the top tier web analytics solutions that are available to fortune 500 companies and we also have a significant experience with other main stream analytics tools such as Google Analytics, PWiki, GetClicky, Yahoo Analytics, MixPanel, KISSMetrics, Omniture, CoreMetrics and more.

A decision was made instantly and we started working on what we want this tool to be, well it wasn’t hard to figure that out, we wanted something as powerful as the high end enterprise level applications that are out there but with some major advantages such as real time tracking, custom events tracking while keeping it as simple as possible with only straight forward actionable data. Why throw 1000’s of reports at you and get you all confuse and baffled!

The idea of our new tool, namely FoxMetrics was awesome but wasn’t really at the level we think it should be; We wanted to make a significant impact to this specific market and make a name for ourselves, therefore, we dug deeper to see what else is missing and viola! We found out that most if not all web analytics users have to sign up for multiple tools just to get a complete insight into the interactions of their web audience.

We need to build a real time web analytics tool that provides powerful actionable data and reports and a complete one stop shop for our customers and also make it available to small website owners and also to Enterprises at a reasonable price.

FoxMetrics was born! FoxMetrics will provide as the day to day essential tools that will help business make better decisions. Why sign up for multiple tools and pay ridiculous prices and implement multiple applications when you can sign up for FoxMetrics and gain access to web analytics, funnel analysis, track custom events, segmentation, heat maps and more!

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