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Successful Analytics Team’s Roles and Responsibilities

If you want to compete with others, it’s imperative to have the best analytics team. Besides that, this team is also responsible for creating business models that can improve your overall performance. … Read More

digital marketing performance explained

Digital Performance Marketing Explained

Digital performance marketing has changed the advertising landscape. This article explains the concept and how you can leverage it in your marketing. … Read More


Top 30 Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2020

If you are ready to up your game, then you should check out the most-desired digital marketing trends in 2020. … Read More

Integrate “Personalized Marketing” Into Your Online Business

You must always remember that personalized marketing is all about reaching out to your customers with the most appropriate and personalized message; but most importantly, at the right time and on the right platform. … Read More

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How to Decrease Bounce Rate

If you could reduce the bounce rate of only one page, which would you choose? Many people make the mistake of selecting page 2 to work on, simply because it has a higher bounce rate and therefore needs more attention. … Read More


Yes, Your Business Should Blog. Here’s Why!

Think of your blog as fuel to your company’s SEO rankings. The more high-quality content your company can churn out, the better its site traffic will be. … Read More

Useful Tips to Develop Effective Targeted Surveys

It’s vital to make your targeted surveys as appealing as possible. You must give your audience a compelling reason to take part in it. Offering an incentive or gift is definitely a good idea to attract the target audience to your survey. But it’s much more effective to keep your survey simple and hassle-free to your audience! … Read More

How to Effectively Use Social Media For Digital Marketing

How to Effectively Use Social Media For Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has become less effective over the years. The average internet user seems to bruise off most advertisements as a minor distraction. Consumers have become too intelligent to fall for the tricks of spammed email and popup ads. Most … Read More