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How Useful Is Real-Time Web Analytics In Digital Marketing?

How Useful Is Real-Time Web Analytics In Digital Marketing?

Real-time web analytics gives marketers control of how customers and prospects interact with their websites and campaigns. You can control your customers’ journey and influence their buying decisions. … Read More

10 Ways To Effectively Use Ecommerce Data

10 Ways To Effectively Use Ecommerce Data

The customer data platform (CDP) space is still evolving. companies in various sectors are working out how best to leverage the technology. The eCommerce data space isn’t left out. Those who have figured out how to use data are seeing exceptional results. … Read More

The Complete Evaluation Guide to Selecting A CDP

Selecting Customer Data Platform: Complete Evaluation Guide

Choosing the right Customer Data Platform for your company is a tough decision, and getting it wrong can lead to poor results. Here are the steps to choose a CDP that meets your organization’s goals. … Read More

first-party data

First-Party Data And All That Marketers Need To Know

In this blog, we will guide you on what first-party data is and why marketers should use it. Also, we will guide you on why marketers should pay more attention to this technique. … Read More

How Marketers Can Break Out of Hollow Tech Stacks

How Marketers Can Break Out of Hollow Tech Stacks

The following article describes the pain marketers go through in managing technological stacks. Tech stacks often provide inefficient, jumbled up solutions without a centralized point of view. The solution to this problem lies in Customer Data Platforms, which the article describes in detail. It effectively handles the data processing and visualization in order to understand and interact with the customers better. … Read More

digital marketing performance explained

Digital Performance Marketing Explained

Digital performance marketing has changed the advertising landscape. This article explains the concept and how you can leverage it in your marketing. … Read More

data analysis during covid 19

How’s Your Data Analytics During These Hard Times

Companies are leveraging data analytics to understand current trends and predict future disruptions. … Read More

eCommerce Traffic: 10 Most Effective Ways

Gaining a solid amount of quality eCommerce site traffic is essential if you want to sell your products and remain in business. … Read More