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How To Use Web Analytics Data To Drive Online Buying Decisions

5 Ways Web Analytics Data Drive Online Buying Decisions

The customer purchase decision process starts with consumers recognizing a need or want, and it ends when they make the purchase and considers that it truly meets their needs. Here’s how to leverage web analytics to influence customers buying decisions. … Read More

3rd party data

3rd Party Data – Importance & Implementation

This article is all about 3rd party data and how companies can implement it and use it to grow their business. Also, we have discussed the process to pull 3rd party data through customized implementation. … Read More

How’s your business going? Need help with Analytics?

The current financial crisis has once again proven the importance of data analytics and data-driven decisions. This article explores the steps you can take to better leverage analytics for your business. … Read More

data analysis during covid 19

How’s Your Data Analytics During These Hard Times

Companies are leveraging data analytics to understand current trends and predict future disruptions. … Read More

5 Amazing Things You Can Do With Analytics

5 Amazing Things You Can Do With Analytics

Obviously, because of our flagship product FoxMetrics, we believe analytics plays a key role in growing your web presence. Armed with the right analytic tools, you can make critical changes to your website based on well-informed decisions.  With our real-time web … Read More