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3rd Party Data – Importance & Implementation

This article is all about 3rd party data and how companies can implement it and use it to grow their business. Also, we have discussed the process to pull 3rd party data through customized implementation. … Read More

Customer Data Platform- Hype Vs. Honesty

Customer Data Platform: Hype Vs. Honesty

The marketers came up with a solution known as Customer Data Platform. It came as a packaged software that helped create a persistent database of customers, easily accessible to specific systems. … Read More

10 Ways Online Data Can Be Used To Influence In-person Experiences

10 Ways Online Data Used To Influence In-person Experiences

As customer demand becomes complex and personalization use cases more advanced, there’s a need for a more viable tool to keep track of these changes. Here are ten ways a CDP can help you utilize your online data to hyper-personalize customer experience. … Read More

The Complete Evaluation Guide to Selecting A CDP

Selecting Customer Data Platform: Complete Evaluation Guide

Choosing the right Customer Data Platform for your company is a tough decision, and getting it wrong can lead to poor results. Here are the steps to choose a CDP that meets your organization’s goals. … Read More

Customer Data Platform - The Ultimate Guide

Customer Data Platform: The Ultimate Guide

A Customer Data Platform (CDP) is a system that unifies all these data from different sources like apps, social media, marketing campaigns to a centralized location. This is the ultimate guide of CDP.
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CDP: 6 Things to Look Out for in Choosing the Best Platform

A good Customer Data Platform (CDP) should be user-friendly and intuitive. It should not be difficult to maneuver, it isn’t java language coding after all. This is so because other marketers can have access to data integrated into the CDP tool. … Read More