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A 5 Step Framework to Unlock Web Analytics Value

A 5 Step Framework to Unlock Web Analytics Value

Properly implemented web analytics helps removes the guesswork from your online activities. It allows you to track and enhance your website and marketing activities. Here are 5 frameworks to help you develop a strong online presence to unlock your Web Analytics value. … Read More

How To Use Web Analytics Data To Drive Online Buying Decisions

5 Ways On How to Use Web Analytics Data to Drive Online Buying Decisions

The customer purchase decision process starts with consumers recognizing a need or want, and it ends when they make the purchase and considers that it truly meets their needs. Here’s how to leverage web analytics to influence customers buying decisions. … Read More

What Your Web Analytics May Not Be Telling You

What Your Web Analytics May Not Be Telling You

Do you know what your web analytics is telling you? What about what it isn’t telling you? Web analytics tools are great for revealing metrics, learning more about the customer, and improving sales. But most web analytic tools out there fall short. Here’s how to test the efficiency of your web analytics tool. … Read More

How Useful Is Real-Time Web Analytics In Digital Marketing?

How Useful Is Real-Time Web Analytics In Digital Marketing?

Real-time web analytics gives marketers control of how customers and prospects interact with their websites and campaigns. You can control your customers’ journey and influence their buying decisions. … Read More

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Successful Analytics Team’s Roles and Responsibilities

If you want to compete with others, it’s imperative to have the best analytics team. Besides that, this team is also responsible for creating business models that can improve your overall performance. … Read More

The Amazing Reasons Why Every Start-Up Needs Web Analytics

Building a start-up comes with a lot of unknown, especially regarding your online success. Web analytics is an effective way to gain insight into your business and make decisions that will ensure business growth. … Read More

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15 Amazing Analytics Websites and Blogs Every Data Enthusiast Should Follow

Identifying the best analytics blog websites allows you to get adequate information and support to take your analytics to the next level. This article reveals 15 must-follow analytic sites and blogs. … Read More

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10 Best Web Analytics Tools To Effortlessly Track Your Web Performance

If you skip monitoring your activities, you leave yourself with no insight on how to make improvements. Here are the best tools to grow your online presence. … Read More

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How’s Your Data Analytics During These Hard Times

Companies are leveraging data analytics to understand current trends and predict future disruptions. … Read More

A Quintessential Guide to Web Analytics for E-commerce Site Owners

It was not long ago when it was practically impossible to know who visited our site and what the purpose of their visit was. Only big corporations could afford to incorporate high-end web analytics techniques for tracking and reporting user … Read More