Customer Data Platform

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The Pros and Cons of DMPs, CDPs, DWs, and CRMs

Marketers and their teams have a number of different data collection platforms to choose from such as Data Management Platforms (DMP), Customer Relationship Management Platforms (CRM), Data Warehouses (DM), and Customer Data Platforms (CDP). … Read More

customer data platform

CDP vs DMP: 4 Incredibly Simple Ways to Spot the Difference

To save you from the sticky situation of getting CDP and DMP mixed up we’re going to break them up layer by layer. And just to make it easy to remember, we’ll limit it to only 4 key differences you won’t ever be able to miss it. … Read More

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CDP: 6 Things to Look Out for in Choosing the Best Platform

A good Customer Data Platform (CDP) should be user-friendly and intuitive. It should not be difficult to maneuver, it isn’t java language coding after all. This is so because other marketers can have access to data integrated into the CDP tool. … Read More

How Customer Data Platform Can Improved Your Business

Improving customer experience and ultimately getting customers satisfied has been the game-changer in today’s business world. It’s not enough to have a Wall Street shaking product or service, getting to understand customers’ behaviors with respect to products and services can … Read More

6 Solutions to Customer Data Integration & Personalization

Customer data platforms help collect customer data from multiple sources and connect it with the matching customer. … Read More

CDP vs CRM: What’s the difference?

CDP automates your marketing campaign while tracking the customer’s behavior across all channels. CRM allows you to aggregate vital information about both your perspective and regular customers, effectively communicate and interact with your customers, and run automation processes that make your marketing campaigns run smoothly and seamlessly. … Read More